Environmental chambers

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The b-Cat environmental (climate) chamber replicates different climates of the planet or even climates that don’t exist. This helps professional athletes prepare for competitions and that take place in a different climate than they are used to. Also militaries prepare them shelf for the extreem conditions like temperature, altitude and humidity. This all can be meticulously controlled to be able to reproduce any climate by a press on a button.

Several (olympic) sports centres and Military Operations we equipped with climate chambers, but it can also be a useful investment for universities and research centers. 

b-Cat produce the most advanced and sophisticated environmental chambers in the world and all specialization for this we have in house from design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning.

Some futures:

  • Altitude control accuracy to +/-0.1% Oxygen
  • Extreme climates from – 20°C till > 60°C
  • Humidity control from 10% till 95%
  • Altitude ranges from see level up to > 9.000m  (password protected ranges)
  • Touch screen control with remote operations
  • Pre-programmed functions for automatic system start
  • Monitor and trend of all requested parameters

Chamber types

Convert complete hotels and apartments to altitude

Relax and Train without Training

Convert virtually any existing space into an altitude chambers.

Covert small rooms to altitude for private or commercial use.

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