Faster recovery

Injuries are inherent to sports. In case of an injury, it is important to make sure that the injured amateur of athlete doesn’t lose his or her stamina.

If you are injured you can stay fit, and even progress your fitness levels with the help of hypoxic training which maintains/improves levels with less muscle load.  Oxygen delivery to damaged muscles and ligaments is crucial in speeding recovery.  Hypoxic training leaves you with an increased oxygen supply to the affected area for several hours following a session.

Oxygenated blood carries collagen, collagen repairs tissue …..

Some key benefit of Altitude training

  • Return to peak conditioning faster than ever before
  • Increase aerobic output with minimal physical exertion
  • Increase cardiovascular fitness while injured
  • Maximize aerobic output while minimizing physical stress
  • Re-condition faster than sea-level training
  • Reduce training load while boosting fitness

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Injuries are inherent to sports.

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