Live high, Train high (LH-TH)

High Altitude Training

‘Live High, Train High’ achieves maximal exposure to high altitude. This will enhance performance at high altitudes because the body fully adapts to performing with less oxygen in the air. While sleeping inside an altitude training tent during the night, you can train in a high altitude training room or use an altitude mask during your work-out.  

Recommendations LH-TH for athletes

(source: Millet et al., 2010)

  • The optimal height to live and train high is between 1.800 and 2.500 meters.
  • The optimal time seems 3 to 6 weeks. Adaptation is one week.
  • Confine training volume by 10-20%. Gradually increase the training volume by 3-5% a week. Some athletes will be able to reach their usual training intensity at the end of the period.
  • During interval training the speed of the interval has to be slower than at sea level. This has to be decided individually, but a safe starting point is around 5-7% less. Gradually increase the tempo with 1% a week.
  • During interval training the resting period should be longer than at sea level. This has to be decided individually, but it would be safe to start with a resting period twice as long as usual. Gradually increase the resting period with 2-3% a week.

To follow the LH-TH protocol, we can also converse your bedroom to an Altitude (training)bedroom or you can use an existing commercial Altitude hotel or appartement which we have realized.

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