Live Low – Train High (LL-TH)

Sleeping at Sea level -Training at Altitude

With minimal costs and travel constraints for athletes, the “living low – training high” (LL-TH) approach is becoming an important intervention for modern sport. The popularity of the LL-TH model of altitude training is also associated with the fact that it only causes a slight disturbance to athletes’ usual daily routine, allowing them to maintain their regular lifestyle in their home environment.

Recommendations LL-TH for athletes

(source: T. Meeuwsen 2003)

  • The optimal height for training in Altitude depends on the reaction to Altitude and during the training the SPO2 should be controlled.
  • On average the training session is about 1 / 1,5 hours at an altitude of 2.700 meters
  • 60%–70% of the heart rate reserve
  • The optimal time seems 3 till 5 sessions a week for a period of 3 weeks

The best results you will get by using the b-Cat systems. Actual altitude(s) controlled based on your personal oxygen saturation ( Spo2) measurements.

The best results you get by using the b-Cat systems, actual altitude(s) controlled based on your personal oxygen saturation (Spo2) measurements.

Training at Altitude

b-Cat is able to support you in many ways to train in an Altitude chamber. As we manufactur the needed equipment in house we are able to convert almost any room to an Altitude training room.

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