Altitude training & Science

Many sports institutes and universities are equipped with an altitude or climate chamber. 

b-Cat is not only specilized in Altitude but is able to combine the altitude training with temperature and humidity for perfect research. All parameters can be closely monitored and monitored in order to perform meticulous research. 

Not only we have close collaboration in the top-sports but also we work together with research on all fact of altitude training from overall fit till research for other “deceases” like Parkinson.

Also we have close cooperation in long term studies to find out the results of altitude and the body composition.

We want to go to the moon building a station, we want to do more in the Universe, the b-Cat products are used for these studies. We work with Universities and space agencies as ESA, NASA and JAXA.

Interested in to possibilities please see our product page or see some samples under the reference page.

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All applications


Athletes and amateurs.

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Injuries are inherent to sports.

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Prepare for the mountains.

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Training at altitude.

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Fit & slim

With High Altitude Training.

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Diabetes and obsitas

Exercise as medicine.

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Asthma & COPD

Healthy with High Altitude Training.

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Designed Climate Altitude chambers for research

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