Air zone energy lounge

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Altitude training more energy and a better metabolism

Train without Training

For small centers and dieticians the airzone energy lounge is a perfect addition and will provide additional clients.
The possibilities offered by the system are wide and starting is already possible with a small system by means of the supply of Altitude air through a mask, but of course we can also set up complete rooms for this.

Get Your Metabolism Recharged

During a session of 30 minutes, you lie down comfortably while wearing a breathing mask. While you relax, the mask supplies the altitude air to your body (hypoxia). During the session it unfolds an effect in the microscopically small power plants of the 70 trillion cells (“mitochondria”). The oxygen deficit creates stress in your cells. Mitochondria that are already damaged and exhausted cannot withstand the stress and are destroyed, while new, more powerful mitochondria are formed in response.

Benefits include:

  • Improved physical and mental performance
  • Improved blood circulation and oxygen supply to cells
  • Increased vascular elasticity
  • Activated energy metabolism, fat metabolism and increased fat burning
  • Activated self-healing processes and immune system
  • Shortened recovery time post-exercise
  • Support of detoxification processes
  • Burnout- Stress
  • Improves sleep

Chamber types

Prefabricated chambers that can be expanded, disassembled

Simulate virtually any climate and altitude controls.

Convert virtually any existing space into an altitude chambers.

Covert small rooms to altitude for private or commercial use.

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