Live High, Train Low (LH-TL)

Sleeping at Altitude Training at Sea level

The ‘Live High, Train Low’ training protocol, allows the body to adapt to high altitude while you stay or sleep at reduced oxygen level. Training is done at sea level. This protocol allows the body to respond to the high altitude, without interfering with (the intensity of) regular training schemes. Stimulate your body while relaxing or sleeping in your high altitude tent or altitude room! 

Recommendations LH-TL for athletes

(source: Millet et al., 2010)

  • The optimal height for sleeping at high altitude has been set to 2.200-2.500 meters for EPO-effects and 3.100 meters for non-blood-related effects.
  • The optimal time seems to be 4 weeks, to speed up the EPO production. 
  • Less than 3 weeks seems enough for valuable changes in muscle buffer capacity, hypoxic ventilator response or NA+/K+ ATP-ase capacity.

The best results are achieved by adjusting the altitude level of the b-Cat systems to your oxygen saturation ( Spo2) response.

Exposure to Live High

  • 5 nights/moments a week
  • Natural height: 20-22 hours a day for a better performance at sea level.
  • Artificial height: at least 12 hours per moment.
  • For non-blood-related changes, a shorter period is possible

To follow the LHTL protocol, you can use either a high altitude tent, or convert your bedroom to an altitude (training)room or you can use an existing commercial Altitude hotel or appartement.

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