High Altitude Hotels and Apartments

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High Altitude Hotels

High altitude hotelrooms, dormitories and apartments seem to become more and more popular. They are the ideal combination with high altitude training for athletes and people with health conditions but also for very suitable for businesspeople, travellers and people on holiday. Why? Because staying and sleeping inside a room at altitude improves bloodflow and the transportation of oxygen.  

The air inside the hotel rooms is similar to mountain air. The rooms of your choice will be hooked up to the controlled atmosphere system and the rooms are made as gas-tight as possible. Every room can be controlled individually. 

We are able to control a single room or a multiply of rooms with a single control system using the newest and advanced systems.

All projects are characterized by having multiple altitude facilities, as a combination of training, sleeping, recovery, wellness, extreme conditions and/or prolonged stay. In general, the altitude rooms for these facilities are catered by central machine room, but can have individual control & settings per room (independent of size).

Chamber types

Relax and Train without Training

Simulate virtually any climate and altitude controls.

Convert virtually any existing space into an altitude chambers.

Covert small rooms to altitude for private or commercial use.

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