What is the most optimal height to train in?

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The higher you go, the more response you get out of your body. However, heigth has a great effect of your night’s rest and will decline if you go (too) high. You will find your ideal height by balancing the right amount of ‘hypoxic stress’ and the right amount of sleep. 

The most important guide for using High Altitude is your SpO2, the oxygen saturation levels. Monitoring your saturation levels will show you how your body is responding to the altitude. 

Experience tells us that a height of 2500 meters is the most ideal height for 90% of all athletes. This ‘ideal height’ can shift if the athlete gains more experience in high altitude training. 

Generally speaking we suggest to stay below 3000 meter while sleeping at altitude. Exceptions to this rule are mountaineers who wish to acclimatize.