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Whole-body room calorimeter

For Maastricht Instruments we have received the order for the installation of 2 pieces Room Calorimetry Advance chambers for the ACU (Australian Catholic University) in Melbourne.

Room calorimeters are an invaluable, powerful tool in metabolic research studies. By using indirect calorimetry the research possibilities increase immensely in a wide range of clinical and research settings. These systems allow long term measurements (up to 7 days), without the limitations of a canopy or a face mask. They allow researchers to gain new insights in the dynamics of human energy expenditure, substrate oxidation and so much more. A room calorimeter allows studying a person’s energy metabolism over longer durations under different circumstances. The systems consist of three different parts: the room itself, climate/circulation control and an analysis unit: the Omnical metabolic system.


  • 24-hr Energy Expenditure
  • Total Energy Expenditure
  • Sleeping Metabolic Rate
  • Physical activity Energy expenditure

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