COP 25 Besancon France

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COP 25 – ITA3.0 Besancon

For COPS 25-ITA 3.0 we have supplied the equipment to control and simulate altitude in 8 bedrooms and 2 apartments.

Each room is controlled independently and overviewed and monitored from a central control system, the b-Cat  Altitude – Pro.

The total project is controlled by a single Altitude generator with a smart Frequency control systemm which takes care for a smooth in- decrease of altitude air in the individual connected room. 

ITA 3.0 (Inside the Athletes 3.0) was started in 2018 by Alexandre Chouffe, former professional cyclist and Romain Bouzigon, Doctor of Sports Science.

COPS 25, a 2200 m² building housing ITA 3.0, which includes:

  • A performance evaluation floor
  • Recovery on one floor – Well-being
  • One floor for the sports platform
  • One floor with the altitude training rooms and apartments.

The facility is also the homebase of the Pro cycling team Groupama FDJ

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