Peak Loft, La Gleize – Stoumont

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Experience Altitude Excellence

In La Gleize – Stoumont, an exciting new venture is underway as we prepare to introduce a cutting-edge high-altitude system within a charming B&B setting.

Featuring 6 specially designed altitude sleeping rooms and a dedicated Yoga Training room at altitude, guests will have the unique opportunity to experience the benefits of high-altitude living right within the comfort of our establishment.

Situated in a region renowned for its picturesque cycling routes and thrilling races, our B&B offers not only a serene retreat but also an ideal environment for athletes seeking to enhance their performance.

Embracing the ‘live high/train low’ training methodology, athletes can immerse themselves in the benefits of high-altitude acclimatization while optimizing their workouts at low altitude. Each room in our B&B is meticulously crafted to simulate the conditions of high-altitude living, providing guests with a holistic training experience.

For further details, we invite you to explore our website at and discover how our innovative approach to accommodation can elevate your stay to new heights.

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