How to influence Parkinson’s symptoms through altitude training?

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Research with animals has shown that altitude training produces protective responses in the body that are important for Parkinson. b-Cat works together with researchers from Radboud UMC and completed the TALISMAN-1 research in 2022. The focus was on the safety and effects of altitude training in the short term for people with Parkinson. It has been shown that altitude training does not lead to more side effects of Parkinson disease. In addition, they found tentative indications that altitude training could improve some symptoms of the disease.

The TALISMAN-2 study has been started to further investigate whether altitude training has positive effects on Parkinson symptoms and overall fitness.

b-Cat has developed a system for this application in collaboration with researchers at Radboud UMC in which it is fully automatically controlled, and of course the system is equipped with all necessary safety aspects.

More information  (Dutch) : Parkinson NEXT – Parkinsonsymptomen beïnvloeden door hoogtetraining?

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