High Altitude Training

Train in the mountains!

b-Cat High Altitude is specialized in building systems that simulate conditions suitable for high altitude training. Worldwide, b-Cat has realized many high altitude projects for different purposes such as improving the stamina of athletes and the health of diabetes patients.

High Altitude can be applied in different branches: sports, wellness, health, acclimatization, rehabilitation and many more. The system meticulously creates an atmosphere similar to mountainous areas such as the Pyrenees or the Mont Blanc. This way you can train at high altitudes without going to the mountains.

High Altitude Training Applications

High altitude training is often applied in sports and it is particularly popular with athletes due to the increase of stamina and the positive effects on performance.

However, athletes aren’t the only ones that benefit from high altitude training. People with health issues such as obesity, diabetes and asthma can achieve significant improvements in their health. Training at altitude also decreases the recovery and rehabilitation period.

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