Why would I choose b-Cat High Altitude?

In addition to the right equipment and materials, we offer a complete high altitude concept.  Together with strong partners we do not only possess technical knowledge but also the right scientific support to answer any question regarding high altitude training. From sport to health and from knowlegde to experience, we have it all.    

Do your products come with a guarantee?

All our products have a 1 year guarantee. Important is the fact that the product should be maintained and treated as described in the user manual. Our professional high altitude rooms equipped with a VPSA nitrogen generator are extremely low-maintenance and very durable. These systems come with a 5 year warranty.

Does the generator make a lot of noise?

The generator does make some noise but you don’t have to worry; by extending the hose through which the air travels, you can easily put the generator into another room. This way, you can enjoy your nights rest. Our larger professional systems (altitude chambers & mobile chambers) are extremely quiet.   

Can two people sleep inside a high altitude tent?

The tent is not very large but if you and your partner are used to lying close to each other, than we do not forsee any problems.  Regarding the use of air you don’t have to worry. The generator will provide the necessary air.   

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