Room Calorimetry Sports University Beijing

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Whole-body room calorimeter

For Maastricht Instruments we have realized a single Room Calorimetry Advance chamber at the sports University in Beijing, The chamber will also get the possibility of Hypoxia Training (Altitude Simulation).

The order of this installation was already in 2021 but due to Covid-19 and the regulations where were not able to install the installation earlier.

A room calorimeter measures a patient’s energy expenditure or metabolism under various climactic conditions. The measurement technique – known as room calorimetry – measures the difference between O2 and CO2 concentrations consumed and expelled. This difference can then be used to determine the energy consumption.

Application areas:

  • Obesity and type 2 diabetes 
  • Exercise physiology and sports science 
  • Nutrition
  • Age, gender and lifespan metabolic studies 
  • Clinical investigation 
  • Food psychology 
  • Pharma 
  • Child metabolism and energy expenditure 
  • Sleep
  • Circadian rhythm
  • Thermoregulation

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